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, half.
AIKLX-BAIELX, incoherent aonsense.
AIHTH, pride, conceit
XJEASI YRiTTj dependence on the rains; said of fields where there is no artificial
£IA, wet.
ALAL-TAPPU, incoherent, absurd.
ALAHA BATATA, strangers.
AL£H, a stone jamb of a doorway; a pilaster, or attached pillar, as distinguished
from Mamlh, a detached pillar*
AMAHA, obstinate; incredulous.
AMEB, delay, late.
AMOI/AK, invaluable; coal-dust used as c dry colour in making sdnjhu.
A$, a curse.
ANASHTOTA, extraordinary.
AEOSAB. (for an-avasar), vant of leisure, domestic work.
AHTA CFJT, senseless.
ASTTI, an eat ring.
ATHEJT (for a£kmana\ evening.
ATCJTI, tire.
A-ro, literally 'waterless;* a term applied to a man who dies childless, with no
son to make him the ordinary funeral libations. It is also the name given
to the little masonry platform often seen near a village, on which twice a yesr
jars of water are set, in order to lay the ghost of some childless person.
BAIIHAJE, the Tillage club and hospice; also a rest-house at a holy place for
the accommodation of the Grosain on his annual visit on the feast-day.
BAKHAB, a house,
BABAH-BASS a term u&ed raguely with reference to any large and ancient village
to imply that a number of hamlets, though not necessarily exactly twelve,
tave been founded from it   Such are Bhadanwara, Barauth, «fcc., of which &
rustic will say:—Uirfe MrtiM* lain;  -we leaMe Juan? &uM base
ujar kain.
B^ an ox.
* a class of weavers
a hamlet, as distinguished from libra, the parent